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Today's depatures 19.12.2014

Gjendesheim Memurubu Gjendebu Memurubu Gjendesheim

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Priser, bestilling og betaling

Tickets purchased on board, single or return. It is not possible to pre-order.

 Departure/arrival corresponds with bus to/from Gjendesheim (timetables).



We work with a full English version of the website, but until it is finished you will find timetables under "Time table" at the top of the page and practical information and Contact information below. Welcome and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Practical information

There are two parking lots adjacent area. One is down by the pier. This is a short-term parking space in the high season quickly becomes full. Be early if you plan to park here! The second is about. 2 km from the pier. From here it run free shuttle to and from the pier. Are you going to be away longer than one day; parks here – We take the two boats. Gjendesheim taking 100 passengers and Gjendine that takes 80 passengers.

At the pier you will find two «cubicles». One of Memurubu where we have up to eight departures and one for Gjendebu where we have up to 2 departures daily. Note to set you in the right queue!

If you go Besseggen and return to Gjendesheim take the boat to Memurubu. You can also go from Gjendesheim to Memurubu Besseggen and take the boat back to Gjendesheim. The last option is a good idea on days with a lot of people!

Days with a lot of people will be dealt queue number in ‘Bua’ down at the pier. On days like this we will NOT follow the schedule slavishly, but run the queue is empty. We will also start to run the boats earlier than the first steamer. It says 100 people queued at. 7:00, so we fill the boat and traveling. When you get a queue number will be told what time the boat goes. You can pull queue number for the whole family / group!


The ticket bought on board.
Gjendesheim – Memurubu

  • One way: 120/60
  • Round/same day: 140/70

Gjendesheim – Gjendebu

  • One way: 180/90
  • Round/same day: 200/100

Memurubu – Gjendebu

  • One way: 120/60


  • Children under 15 years old ticket
  • Children under 5 years free
  • Family with more than four paying a child free
  • Group (over 10 people) who pay the total receive 10% discount
  • Canoe/Kayak, fare as an adult

Luggage transport

Are you going to be in the mountains for several days so you have a lot of luggage, a tip is to bring a daypack. We can carry luggage that you do not need to have the hike where you’re going! All you need to do is buy a luggage tag either on the boat or cottages. Associate luggage tag on your luggage and place it under the correct sign on the pier. Your luggage can be found on the pier under the sign «Arrivals backpacks.» Silly to carry heavier than you need.

  • Per parcel Gjendesheim – Memurubu (or vice versa) 50,-
  • Per parcel Memurubu – Gjendebu (or vice versa) 50,-
  • Per parcel Gjendesheim – Gjendebu (or vice versa) 60,-

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can pay by card on boats
  • You can bring your dog but it must stand out
  • Telephone number of parking on Gjendeosen is 92 65 63 34
  • Comes with all?? Is it nice weather it may be an influx of boats. When we run extra trips to the queue is gone. Check additional hikes in the menu.
  • We do not take reservations for boats. Do you have a large group who planned to travel with us, please contact us.
  • Last boat back to Gjendesheim from Memurubu is 16.40, unless otherwise stated.
  • Wheelchair? One boat is wheelchair, also electric. Consult in advance.