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Today's depatures 24.01.2017

Gjendesheim Memurubu Gjendebu Memurubu Gjendesheim

You have selected a time there is no boat. Season ends in October and start again in June. A few weeks at the beginning and end of the seasonthe boat goes only Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So feel free to try another day, or take a look at today's departures.

Prices, ordering and payment

Tickets purchased on board, single or return. It is not possible to pre-order.

 Departure/arrival corresponds with bus to/from Gjendesheim (timetables).

Want to walk the Besseggen ridge?

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Most people choose to walk Besseggen from Memurubu to Gjendesheim. You get the best start for a mountain walk on board on our boats. We have up to 8 departures a day from the quay at Gjendesheim to Memurubu (Besseggen) and Gjendebu. There are two return departures from Gjendebu. As well as the scheduled departures, we set up a number of additional trips. Read "Some practical information" before you come, to find out how things work here.

Take a cruise in the high mountains.

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We work with the lodges and activity providers to put together good packages, and we are always happy to tailor the best mountain experiences for companies, groups, teams, school classes, institutions and others.

When does the boat leave?

Afraid you might miss the boat? Relax, we have up to 8 departures a day? You can easily search for all our departures here, so you have time for both a walk and dinner.


The mountains await you

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Gjende lies 984 metres above sea level and has peaks of more than 2,000 metres on all sides. Barely an hour by boat from the car park at Gjendesheim, you have Jotunheimen National Park and many fantastic walks before your feet. And if you are wondering what the weather is like at Gjende, you can check out this web camera for up to date pictures from Gjendeosen. PS! The weather is very often better than the forecast on :-) Welcome for a great walk!

Family run for more than 100 years

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Ever since Ole Øvstedal set out on his first trip on 1 July 1906, there has always been an Øvstedal at the wheel of the Gjende boats. Harald, the present skipper, is fourth generation, and you might see the fifth generation running along by the quayside. You can get to know the family, the boats and the employees a little better here.